Five Fingers Strand is a breathtaking area with a sandy beach known locally as Lagg Beach, in the Townland of Lagg, close to the Town of Malin, in the Inishowen Peninsula. The curious name of Five Fingers is inspired by five rock pinnacles that resembles five fingers jutting into the sea. The beach itself  has uninterrupted views stretching across the Atlantic to Glashedy Island and the rolling hills of the surrounding countryside.

Among its many charms, is its sand dunes, considered some of the highest in Europe. It is a fantastic location for bird watching and offers ample space to breath in the fresh Inishowen air during a run or leisurely walk along its unspoiled shores. A short distance from the beach, at Knockamany Bends, see above,  is a viewing point which offers stunning views of  Lagg Beach and the surrounding seascape.