A Thank You From Star Wars To Inishowen

Inishowen Peninsula ~ Wild Atlantic Way

Locals were delighted on the 31st of May when they opened the local newspaper to find a large ad released by Lucas Film Ltd, see below. In the ad Lucas Film Ltd and Star Wars cast and crew thanked the people of Inishowen for there “hospitality during filming”, also describing how they were “captivated by the Wild Atlantic Way”. 

In the days that followed, some of the cast took to social media to express how much they enjoyed there time in the region, see below.

Despite the secrecy that surrounded filming at undisclosed regions in Inishowen, the ad solidified the presence of Star Wars in the area and acted as a proud keep sake to all those that interacted with or provided accommodation for cast and crew in the region. You can see one of the hotel providers in Inishowen, The Ballyliffin Hotel, saying goodbye to some of the crew below.