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Summer Fun At Lurgybrack Farm, Donegal

Summer Fun At Lurgybrack Farm, Donegal

Summer Fun At Lurgybrack Farm, Donegal

Today’s visit takes me to the wonderful Lurgybrack Farm, Donegal, a popular destination with both visitors and locals. On arrival you will be greeted by a spacious car park and directed via a path and signage to an inviting entrance with a large court yard. Immediately there is a sense of space and energy as school children buzz in and out of play areas and what appears to be rooms with animals inside. On site there is a cafe and shop, where I am greeted by Sharon, a staff member at Lurgybrack who gave me a warm welcome and an umbrella to fight off the rain. Undeterred by the weather I venture out and explore the exotic bird display, followed by a room next door which houses some ridiculously cute animals, including guinea pigs and bunnies, pictured below.

Lurgybrack Farm Animals

Cute residents at Lurgybrack Farm, Inishowen

No Matter What Age You Are There is Something for Everyone – Paddy O’Loan

Leading on from the main courtyard you will pass a number of indoor facilities, which include spacious eating and play areas in a large outdoor complex. This section of the farm is full of attractions. The first to catch your eye will be a large play area with a range of swings, slides and other features suitable for any age group to enjoy.

Fun at Lurgybrack Farm

Paddy O’Loan ready for his next tour around Lurgybrack Farm

In the distance you will notice a number of paths leading to animals grazing in green lush fields. In this area you will be welcomed by the quirky sight of a type of barrel train. At the helm of the train you will meet Paddy O’Loan, pictured above. Paddy has multiple roles at the property, which includes everyday maintenance of the grounds, care of the animals and providing tours in a quirky barrel train around the property at intervals throughout the day.

Lurgybrack Farm, Donegal

Fun activities at Lurgybrack Farm, Donegal

Learning About Animals at Lurgybrack Farm

As you navigate around the grounds and encounter a collection of farm animal favourites like the Shetland pony to the gentle and majestic deer pictured below. Animals on the grounds range from the powerful Clydesdale, to Jacob sheep, goats, pot belly pigs, chickens, ducks, geese and much more. The more exotic animals in farm include; Emu, native of Australia and Llambas that originated in North America. At each point you will notice information panels which allow you to learn more about each colourful creature.

Deer at Lurgybrack Farm, Donegal

Deer at Lurgybrack Farm, Donegal

Creating Lurgybrack Farm, Donegal

After meeting Paddy he tells me a little of how Lurgybrack came about. Seven years ago an idea was formed “over a pint at a local pub” during a charity event and since then Lurgybrack has gone from strength to strength, with “some family’s returning 2/3 times a year”. School tours are also extremely popular due to an engaging list of activities, among them “milking the cow” pictured above.

The grounds are wheelchair accessible, including some of the playground equipment and vehicles used for providing tours of the property. Lurgybrack is full of surprises, from the range of activities, facilities and animals on display.

Lurgybrack Farm