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Teachín Choin; A Traditional Cottage In Inishowen, Donegal

Teachín Choin; A Traditional Cottage In Inishowen, Donegal

Teachín Choin; A Traditional Cottage In Inishowen, Donegal

Teachín Choin is a beautiful traditional thatched cottage situated in the North Eastern region of Inishowen. On approach to the cottage you will experience a rugged landscape dotted with green fields, complimented by the deep blue of the Atlantic Ocean.

Teachín Choin Cottage Garden Inishowen

Teachín Choin Traditional Irish Cottage

Traditional Comforts At Teachín Choin Cottage, Inishowen, Donegal

Known locally as Conn’s, you will notice the cottage retains its original 19th Century charm. During your stay you will have the choice of 2 spacious bedrooms, a double en-suite pictured below and a family room; 1 double & 1 single.

Teachín Choin Cottage Bedroom Space Inishowen

Interior view of Teachín Choin Traditional Cottage, Inishowen

As you can see below, the kitchen doubles as a dining room and lounge, adding to the authentic and cosy feel to the property. Traditional items and photographs decorate the living space, which represent the colourful history associated with the cottage.

Teachín Choin Cottage Living Space Inishowen

Comfy interior of Teachín Choin Traditional Cottage, Inishowen

Local Stories And Teachín Choin Cottage, Inishowen, Donegal

On entering your accommodation you will notice a black and photograph, pictured below. The gentleman in the photograph was known as Eddie McCann a popular local who once owned and lived in the cottage. In the image you can identify that the building has retained many of its original characteristics, both inside and outside. One particular feature is the porch space, used in many coastal towns as a protective barrier against the sometimes harsh winds of the Atlantic.

Teachín Choin Cottage Photograph Inishowen

Owners Of Teachín Choin in the 1900s

Teachín Choin has an interesting social history as this charming cottage was often used as a Céilí House, a space where, in this example, men would gather and socialize. Often, on a Sunday, locals would assemble in a summer seat at the front of the property and wait for a bus to take them to mass. In this sense you will find that Teachín Choin is not only an example of a traditional thatched cottage in Inishowen but a reminder of the cultural characteristics of the region at the time.

Glengad View Inishowen

View overlooking Glengad in Inishowen Co. Donegal

Living By The Coast In Glengad, Inishowen, Donegal

Glengad is a small fishing village situated by the rugged Inishowen coastline. Along the coast you will find Glengad pier where you will discover fishing vessels and breathtaking views of the Atlantic and Islands off the coast which include; Inishtrahull, Rathlin Islands and the Western Isles off Scotland.

Teachín Choin is situated 15km from Ireland’s most northerly point, Malin Head and is a great base to explore the region via the Inishowen 100 scenic drive, Wild Atlantic Way coastal route and the Ahch-To Way, a must for Star Wars fans.

Teachín Choin Traditional Cottage