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From Inishowen To Orlando: A Star Wars Celebration

From Inishowen To Orlando: A Star Wars Celebration

From Inishowen To Orlando: A Star Wars Celebration
Star Wars

Navigating among a swarm of Lightsabers, terrifying Sith lords and masterful Jedi, I arrived at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando Florida, chosen venue of the eagerly anticipated Star Wars Celebration 2017. Where, as you can see below, queues of eager fans stretched all the way from the exterior to the interior halls of the building. Many camped over night to guarantee first access to what promised to be a Celebration packed with intergalactic surprises, merchandise and experiences.

Star Wars Celebration Exterior Orlando

Excited fans queuing at Star Wars Celebration Orlando

Promoting Inishowen, Donegal At Star Wars Celebration Orlando

Entering the large exhibit hall, our Ahch-To inspired booth was located in the heart of a creative and bustling space that housed all manner of experiences and merchandise for Star Wars fans. Our eye catching booth caught the attention of many Star Wars enthusiasts, who posed by our Skellig Michael inspired stairs. The 7th installment of the Star Wars Saga, The Force Awakens was filmed on location at Skellig Michael, a UNESCO world heritage site, and along the dramatic coastline of the Dingle Peninsula. As you can see below, many Luke and Rey costumed characters took the opportunity to reenact iconic scenes from episode VII.

Star Wars Celebration Orlando Luke

A serious Luke Skywalker posing at our Ahch-To Set at Star Wars Celebration Orlando

From The Wild Atlantic Way To Planet “Ahch-To”

Inishowen Tourism, alongside representatives from Tourism Ireland and Co. Kerry; Caroline Boland and Gerard Kennedy were on hand to promote their section of Ahch-To to Star War fans at Celebration. This four day event had many highlights, including the eagerly anticipated release of The Last Jedi Trailer.

“I knew the exact moment the trailer was released, when a loud roar filled the exhibit hall. We later saw a dramatic increase in the number of fans visiting the stand and inquiring about Ireland and its connection to Star Wars”

Edge of Malin Head Star Wars Inishowen

Rugged coastline surrounding Irelands Most Northerly Point; Malin Head, Inishowen, Donegal

Not only did fans want to visit filming locations in Co. Kerry but they were eager to travel along the Wild Atlantic Way to discover a new location in the Ahch-To universe; the Inishowen Peninsula, Co. Donegal. Fans were captivated by footage and images shared of the Inishowen coastline and of locations where cast and crew visited during filming of The Last Jedi in May of last year. With flyers, visuals and good old fashioned word of mouth, fans were delighted to learn of stories linking Star Wars to Ireland, see below.

Star Wars Locations Ireland, Malin Head

Ahch-To locations in Ireland

Inishowen, Donegal Goes Live At Star Wars Celebration Orlando

At the Celebration Inishowen Tourism also had the opportunity to share our Star Wars stories and experience with popular podcasters Gary Matthew O’Toole from Blabba The Hutt, see below and Allen Vivoid from Star Wars 7X7. Fun interviews also took place with Channel Star Wars and Lucas Film presenters who featured the team on a Live Stream to 1000s of fans gathered at the Star Wars Celebration Stage.

Star Wars Celebration Orlando Blabba The Hutt

Posing at our Ahch-To booth; Left to Right; Darragh O’Drisceoil from Tourism Ireland – Gerard and Patricia Kennedy from Skellig Quest and in the centre Gary-Matthew O’Toole from Blabba The Hutt

My experience at Star Wars Celebration Orlando has confirmed the awesome fact that Donegal’s place in the Star Wars Universe will continue to draw existing fans and new advocates of the Saga to our rugged coastline in Inishowen.

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