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Artist Dennis Colverson; Falling For The Inishowen Peninsula

Artist Dennis Colverson; Falling For The Inishowen Peninsula

Artist Dennis Colverson; Falling For The Inishowen Peninsula
Inishowen Stories

I was born in Stepney just before the outbreak of the war in 1939, and lived my childhood and early life in Canning Town, East London. The devastated landscape of my surroundings was for me a playground of adventure, but a very different story for my parents and their generation. An enjoyable and happy childhood was followed by a working life in graphic design and advertising.

Dennis Colverson Artist Exhibiting At Dunree Inishowen

Artist Dennis Colverson

From East London To The Inishowen Peninsula

Visits to Ireland have always been a pleasure for me, but my first to Inishowen was something really special. A fortieth wedding anniversary holiday in Inishowen, opened my eyes to a far different landscape from that of my upbringing in the Docklands of East London. I have always taken an interest in and enjoyed art of all forms, painting and drawing being the most important to me However landscape painting was never of prime interest until my first experience of Inishowen.

Dennis Colverson, Painting Inishowen

Depiction of Inishowen Countryside by Dennis Colverson

After the holiday and departing for home, I knew I would attempt to convey by painting the wonderful feeling the Peninsula had left me with. Normally, I feel much more comfortable with portraiture, but the experience of Inishowen has given me the desire and momentum to explore my ability in landscape painting. I could not stop at one or two paintings therefore since 2006 I have expressed my appreciation of the beauty of Inishowen in a series of paintings. I have had two exhibitions of the paintings at Fort Dunree, Buncrana, ‘A Portrait of Inishowen,’ in 2007, and was invited back again to display my work ‘Between The Swilly & The Foyle in 2008.

I am again delighted to be showing my paintings of the stunning and beautiful Inishowen Peninsula at an exhibition at Fort Dunree Military Museum from 7th April – 14th July. The opening on 7th April is from 7pm-10pm.