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Playing For Star Wars At McGrorys Hotel, Inishowen

Playing For Star Wars At McGrorys Hotel, Inishowen

Playing For Star Wars At McGrorys Hotel, Inishowen
Star Wars

John D. Ruddy, a local musician and actor, on hearing that Star Wars might be filming in Inishowen, made his way to Malin Head in the hopes of seeing some of the cast or set. What he did capture was an image of what he describes as the Millennium Falcon on the horizon in an undisclosed location in Inishowen, see above. Little did he know when he took the picture below that he would soon be playing a gig for the cast and crew of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

John D Ruddy Star Wars Inishowen

Landscape in Inishowen, captured by John D Ruddy

Meeting Daisy Ridley, At McGrorys Hotel, Culdaff, Inishowen

On the last day of filming scenes for Star Wars The Last Jedi in Inishowen, lead actress Daisy Ridley, alongside director Rian Johnson and other cast and crew dropped by to McGrorys Hotel for a night of entertainment. Local band Tasty were called in to play that night, one member was local actor and Star Wars fan John D. Ruddy who recalls getting the phone call and “dropping everything to travel to Culdaff”.

John D Ruddy Star Wars

Band members from “Tasty” having fun at an awesome Star Wars Celebration Event

Both band members John and Niall Mc Donagh are huge Star Wars fans and have provided a fun throw back picture as proof, see above. Arriving at McGrorys at 10pm John recalls that initially the venue was quite, which he described “all changed with the arrival of Daisy Ridley, Rian Johnson and crew”. John recalls that the atmosphere was “just amazing and absolutely electric” reporting that “director Rian Johnson was sitting across from me the whole evening” and at one point everyone “including the cast were dancing”.

Daisy Ridley McGrorys Culdaff Inishowen

Daisy Ridley alongside band members from “Tasty” John D. Ruddy and Niall McDonagh

Halfway through the set, John thought he would take the opportunity to get a photograph with Daisy, who he described “posed with the microphone” and was “very down to earth”.After playing for four hours the band thought it would only fitting to end with the ultimate salute, led by John on Trumpet, they played the Star Wars Saga anthem. John describes how the “whole crowd loved it and sang along”.

From moments captured with Daisy Ridley to Mark Hamill, stories shared by band Tasty, locals and business owners in the region, allow you to become apart of that story and experience the landscape and culture in Inishowen as enjoyed by the cast and crew of Star Wars.

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