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The Inishowen Effect With Ben Holmes Art

The Inishowen Effect With Ben Holmes Art

The Inishowen Effect With Ben Holmes Art

The Inishowen Peninsula is a diverse landscape with rolling hills and a dramatic coastline that continues to inspire the work of artists and craftspeople on a Local, National and International scale. One such artist is the skilled Ben Holmes, who, you will notice beautifully captures the Inishowen Landscape in his work. After graduating from Art college in the UK, Ben branched into the area of graphic design and print, at which time painting had taken a backseat. This would all change when he moved to Culdaff in Inishowen, five years ago.

Ben Holmes Art Star Wars Culdaff Inishowen

Multiple examples of art work by Ben Holmes Art, Inishowen

Inspired By Inishowen

Prior to moving, Ben describes how he “didn’t have a real passion for landscape painting or depicting animals in his work” yet in coming to Inishowen he noted how “the landscape both inspired and compelled” him to paint. You will discover that scenes from around the Peninsula, including seascapes and animals feature heavily in his work; from energetic lambs, to elegant birds and the occasional ram, see above.

Ben Holmes Art , Tools Crop, Inishowen

Painting Tools, Ben Holmes Art, Inishowen

The Creative Process With Ben Holmes Art, Inishowen

Arriving at the studio, you will discover a creative atmosphere as natural light floods the space and music fills the air.  Artistic equipment, vibrant paintings and sketches, occupy the space. Ben describes how he chooses scenes that “move him, with the goal to communicate a sense of creation and possibility” in his work. An example of this  creativity is depicted in his representation of Malin Town Bridge, see below. In which, he accurately captures this historic bridge, yet allows the imagination to ignite with his purposeful brush strokes and explosions of colour.

Ben Holmes Art Malin Bridge Inishowen

Artwork by Ben Holmes Art, Malin Town Bridge, Inishowen

The striking depth of texture in his work invites you to view popular locations, like nearby Culdaff Beach, from a different perspective. Ben’s preferred method of capturing the landscape is to, using oil, paint on canvas outdoors. But with the Wild Atlantic Way comes beauty and an unpredictability that sometimes restricts him from doing so. For this reason a combination of creative tools and methods are used before his artwork lives on canvas.

Ben Holmes Art Culdaff Rocks! Inishowen

“Culdaff Rocks!” Artwork by Ben Holmes Art, Inishowen

Capturing The Inishowen Landscape

Firstly, photographs are taken of the desired scene, followed by sketching on location, see below, this he describes “captures extra textures and details”. Photoshop, an editing tool, is sometimes used to enhance his sketches and obtain a visual of the scene before placing it on canvas. He notes that different methods and interpretations allow him to “develop a textured, layered and creative” element to the scene.

Ben Holmes Art Outdoors Inishowen

Artwork outdoors at Culdaff Beach, Ben Holmes Art, Inishowen

Ben describes his work as a “constant exploration, combined with a degree of experimentation”. The unique manner in which he captures the Inishowen landscape will encourage you to observe the movement and connection between land, sea and nature in a different way.

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