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Captivating Walks At Glenevin Waterfall Park, Clonmany, Inishowen

Captivating Walks At Glenevin Waterfall Park, Clonmany, Inishowen

Captivating Walks At Glenevin Waterfall Park, Clonmany, Inishowen

Sadly the Glenevin Waterfall is currently closed due to storm damage. However, repair work is underway to save this local treasure. keep up to date with the repair progress here.

Glenevin Waterfall Walk is located 1.2km from Clonmany Village on the Western Side of the Inishowen Peninsula. On arrival you will find a car park from which point you can access the starting point of a scenic walk, see below. This gentle walk is approximately 1km in length along which you can explore the route via well maintained paths and wooden foot bridges that criss cross along a picturesque stream.

Glenevin Waterfall Trail

Starting point of the Glenevin Waterfall Walk.

Viewing Point At Glenevin Waterfall, Clonmany, Inishowen

Located a short distance from the entrance, signage will lead you to a viewing point and seating area. This slight deviation from the walking route will guide you to a wonderful location that facilitates breathtaking views of the countryside including the Glenevin Valley, Binnion Mountain and Tullagh Bay, see below.

Glenevin Waterfall Viewing Point

Viewing point at the Glenevin Waterfall Walk

Sights And Sounds At Glenevin Waterfall Park, Inishowen

Continuing along the walkway you will notice a central stream that meanders its way along the colourful wooded Glenevin Valley, see below. At every twist and turn you will encounter charming views of the valley and surrounding countryside. At certain times of the year you may even find that you are sharing the walkway with a handful of curious sheep, see below.

Glenevin Waterfall Sheep

Walkway at Glenevin Waterfall

You will notice an abundance of seating and picnic areas, see below, at intervals along the walk which allow you to stop, take in the scenery and enjoy a sandwich in the fresh country air. Adjacent to the car park is the Glen Tea Rooms which offer a range of tasty food and facilities if you want to escape the changeable weather during your visit.

Glenevin Waterfall Picnic Area

Picnic area along the Glenevin Waterfall Walk

Glenevin Waterfall, Clonmany, Inishowen

Approaching the Waterfall you will notice the sound of flowing water intensify, creating a sense of anticipation as you draw closer to the beautiful Glenevin Waterfall. Rounding a final bend you will be faced with the natural beauty of this impressive feature. Spanning 40 feet, it is a truly memorable experience having the opportunity to observe how nature has shaped the landscape, see below.

This brief but beautiful walk offers both visitors and locals an escape from the hustle and bustle of life. A visit to Glenevin Waterfall will leave a lasting appreciation of its peaceful surrounds and encourage you to go out and experience other hidden gems in the Inishowen landscape.

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