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From Land To Sea At Fort Dunree, Inishowen

From Land To Sea At Fort Dunree, Inishowen

From Land To Sea At Fort Dunree, Inishowen
View from Dunree

View on approach to Fort Dunree

On approach to Fort Dunree, you will be captivated by views of Lough Swilly, the Atlantic and the surrounding mountains, see above. On arrival, you will notice the prominent and impressive location of the Fort once an important Coastal Defence Battery during the 19th Century.  

The Fort you see today was once a much smaller building, erected close to where historic figure Wolfe Tone was brought ashore in 1798. The role of the Fort at that time was to prevent the possible return of a French Fleet. The strategic placement of the Fort becomes clear when you witness the breath-taking panoramic views offered to you from this very location, see below. During your visit, you will learn the fascinating story of how Fort Dunree played a significant role in military and nautical history.

Learning About Dunree, Inishowen

Upon arrival, you are invited to an auditorium where a video film presentation will take you on a journey of discovery from ancient times to present day Inishowen. Emerging from the auditorium you have the option to explore bunkers which display a collection of military memorabilia that provides an insight into the day to day operation of the Fort. On the top level you can view coastal defense guns strategically placed to overlook Lough Swilly, see below.

Defense Guns at Fort Dunree

Defense Guns at Fort Dunree

A History In Stone At Fort Dunree, Inishowen

On site you will notice a military history museum, see below, where you have the opportunity to explore an abundance of interactive displays, artefacts and memorabilia. The museum and its diverse collection sheds light on the vital role Dunree had to play in coastal defense and neutrality protection.

Fort Dunree Museum

Fort Dunree Museum Complex

Wildlife At Dunree, Inishowen

Since the opening of Fort Dunree Military Museum in 1986, this historic complex has developed to incorporate other stories which include the unique geography, abundant wildlife and natural wonders of the landscape itself. In order to tell this story, The Saldanha Suite, located adjacent to the main car park, houses a wildlife discovery room, see below.

Fort Dunree Wildlife Room

Wildlife Discovery Room, Fort Dunree

The Suite also houses the fascinating, “Rockhill Collection”, an exhibition representing a portion of an extensive private collection of military material, see below.

Rockhill Collection

Rockhill Collection, Fort Dunree

In addition to wildlife and military exhibitions, the Saldanha Suite hosts yoga classes, art exhibitions, and has space to hire for private functions. Weddings have become increasingly popular at Dunree, which is unsurprising when you experience the surrounding sea views.

Walking Around Dunree Point, Inishowen

To further enhance your experience at Dunree there is a series of signposted footpaths. Along each walking route you can embrace the great outdoors and experience spectacular views of the landscape see above. During your walk you may encounter bird life that nest and feed here and catch a glimpse of marine life in the Lough that include; the Harbour Porpoise and Bottle Nosed Dolphins. Picnic tables, viewing points, see below and a cafeteria offer a place to rest and re-energise during your visit.

Viewing Point Dunree Fort

Viewing Point, Dunree Fort

Whether you come to learn about the unique military history of Dunree Fort or explore the great outdoors on its scenic landscape, a visit to Dunree will act as a memorable and educational experience for all the family.

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