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Connecting With The Past At Doagh Famine Village, Inishowen

Connecting With The Past At Doagh Famine Village, Inishowen

Connecting With The Past At Doagh Famine Village, Inishowen

Doagh Famine Village is an open air Museum located on the beautiful Isle of Doagh, situated to the North of the Inishowen Peninsula. On approach to the Isle of Doagh you will encounter breathtaking scenery from Pollan Bay to Trawbreaga Bay, see below. This region has a long and ancient history which is beautifully brought to life by owner Pat Doherty and staff at the Doagh Famine Village.


On arrival you are greeted at reception by a charming gift shop housing souvenirs and local craft products. Entering the courtyard, see below, you will encounter a series of charming traditional cottages and dwellings that hint at a much different time in Ireland. You will learn the impressive fact that the village was expanded on from original thatched dwellings that had been occupied by Pat and his family up until 1983.

In the courtyard you will be greeted by a tour guide and taken to a Meeting House, there you are given a brief introduction to the Museum and an insight into local traditions. 


Above you can see Pat discussing the unique practices associated with an Irish Wake, a tradition still practiced by those living in this region of Donegal.


From Famine Times To Present Day Inishowen

Making your way from the meeting house you enter a passageway, pictured above, that will take you back in time, from the Famine Period (1840s) to the present day. During your tour you will learn how families and communities adapted to historical, natural, political and religious events that shaped this region and the wider area of Inishowen. Visual aids and stories tell of how families and communities adapted to harsh conditions on this once, isolated and rural landscape. Among the many attractions and displays you will encounter at the Museum include; an Orange Hall, a Catholic Mass Rock and Hedge School, Presbyterian Meeting House, an exhibition about the Irish Traveling Community,  Model Landscapes, a Republican Safe House and not forgetting a series of Haunted Rooms.


Whether a native of Inishowen or a visitor, there is plenty to learn and experience from a visit to Doagh Famine Village. With this in mind, it will come as no surprise that the Doagh Famine Village is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in the North West of Ireland

Doagh Famine Village

Santa Visits Inishowen

Although the Museum closes on the 31st of October for the Winter season, from the 25th of November to 25th December the Museum is transformed into the Donegal version of Lapland. The village becomes a magical place packed with fairy lights and associated Christmas cheer as crowds gather to meet Santa Claus and his Elves.