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Walking Along The Coast of Malin Head, Inishowen

Walking Along The Coast of Malin Head, Inishowen

Walking Along The Coast of Malin Head, Inishowen
Malin Town Green

Malin Town Green, Inishowen

Malin Head is Ireland’s most Northerly Point situated a short drive from Malin Town pictured above. On route to Malin Town, you will pass over an historic ten-arched bridge which leads to this bright and charming village.

Signal Tower, Malin Head

Tower at Malin Head

The word Malin itself originates from the Irish word Malainn meaning Braeface or Hillbrow, which hints at the type of geography you will encounter at this stunning location. On approach to Malin Head you will be greeted by an impressive Tower see above, built in 1805 to act as a Signal Tower for the British Admiralty during the Napoleonic Wars. Today it is recognised as signature point along the popular Wild Atlantic Way Route.

Eire Symbol at Malin Head

Eire Symbol at Malin Head

In front of the Tower you will notice a large Eire symbol, pictured above, that is marked out by white stones on the landscape. Eire was used during the Second World War to inform fighter pilots on approach to Malin Head that they were in Ireland, a country of neutrality.

The Malin Head Trail, Inishowen

Located at Malin Head is a trail, viewed above, that will take you along a scenic path packed with wonderful views across the Atlantic and Inishowen Landscape. The route itself is graded as a moderate walk spanning a distance between 570-655m. A purpose built path with signage, will lead you along the picturesque headland.

From Malin Head you can view neighbouring sites in County Donegal such as Fanad Head Lighthouse. On a clear day, the headlands of Horn Head and Dundaff Head, in the wider Co Donegal area can also be seen. Making your way along the walk some of the sites you can see, weather permitting, include the beautiful Tory Island and to the North East the captivating Inishtrahull Island. On a clear day it is possible to see the hills of Western Scotland and the Island of Islay.

Hells Hole Malin Head
The rock at Malin Head is composed primarily of igneous and metamorphic rocks formed over 400 million years ago. During your walk you will notice a number of these striking formations, which include Hells Hole, a deep chasm in the rugged cliff face with a subterranean cave, pictured above. At Hells Hole and throughout the trail you can see and hear the power of the sea as it crashes against the rugged rocks and coastline.

Sea Stacks at Malin HeadThe Force Is With Malin Head, Inishowen

The captivating nature of the cliff walk and its surrounding scenery is a perfect location to capture the imagination of visitor and local alike. From your visit to Malin Head you can understand why locations in this region was chosen to shoot a number of scenes of the eagerly anticipated Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi due to air on December 15th 2017.